HIV Testing Services

Testing and Counseling integrated into health care.

Testing and Counseling Services

At Lighthouse we offer free open access counseling and testing services using in-session serial Whole Blood Rapid Test kits. We have seven static counselling sites working with drop in clients as well as those referred from HBCs and clinics. The sites are Lighthouse main, Kamuzu Central Hospital’s medical ward, pediatric wards, and Antenatal clinic as PMTCT minimum package and at Martin Preuss centre in Bwaila Hospital with HTC rooms in the TB and STI departments. We also have outreach sites in Maula Prison and Chinsapo City Clinic. HIV prevalence ranges between 25-30% of the 3,500 total encounters seen in all our sites. We are also supporting 31 Lilongwe rural Health centres in the provision of HTC to ANC mothers.

HTC and Care - A Virtuous Cycle

HTC provides the information people need to live positively with HIV and AIDS. With proper clinical care people can maintain health and continue their productive lives. HTC is a gateway to care and support at Lighthouse because knowing a client’s status enables more effective clinical management. The opportunity to access better quality care will act as an incentive for people to choose HTC.

HTC Integration with Health Services

The greatest need for HTC is in our hospitals. This is because more than 70% of patients on medical wards are HIV positive. In this environment HTC’s impact is maximised. More than half of the clients seen by our counselors test positive. This integration also raises service quality and provides supervision by working within the Lighthouse structure.