Home Based Care

Lighthouse HBC works through existing community groups in densely populated areas of Lilongwe City South and North - a largely untapped resource with great potential provide quality care. This ensures community ownership of the program and in turn provide a key to changing attitude (fights stigma and discrimination) within the community.

The Lighthouse approach to HBC has been distinctively medical; putting nurses into the community full time. They visit their respective patients weekly with support from a clinician twice a week. We work hard to avoid the trap of becoming "an expensive way to deliver an aspirin". We place constant emphasis on the importance of targeting HBC patients who genuinely need our services, rather than those who would just enjoy the relative luxury of a home visit. HBC following a few weeks’ observation, often joining our complimentary Ndife Amodzi program.

Ndife Amodzi Program

The `Ndife Amodzi' concept grew from a desire to make more effective use of the 400 or so community volunteers suported through our HBC program. The programme is community-led and designed to provide ongoing care and support to persons living with HIV, and in particular, those on ART. This support is provided by volunteers within each community, under the guidance of Lighthouse Community Care Supporters (CCSs). The name "Ndife Amodzi" means "all together" and highlights the central concept of the programe: a community working together to support persons living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV).

Ndife Amodzi Clients are people living with HIV and AIDS in Lilongwe City who are not currently sick enough to require routine nursing care or they are able to routinely access nearest health facilities. These clients must be willing to share their HIV status with a volunteer and have monthly visits from that volunteer to provide educational and psychosocial support.

We are currently enrolling more than 100 patients per month into the program.

Through the Ndife Amodzi program, 16 support groups of PLHIV have been established.